St. Simons Island, GA

Trevor Banville at eRates proposed something that no other competitive lender on Zillow or local bank offered, which saved us a lot of money over the life of the loan and actually reduced our federal-income taxes. (read below for those details). Any broker can put you into a mortgage; Trevor offers the outside-of-the-box thinking that you need when purchasing something as important as a mortgage. A. The creative approach to PMI/LPMI Because I was only putting 5% down, I would have had to pay PMI or LPMI until I paid off 20% of the loan. I called every competitive lender on Zillow and spoke with four banks (two local and two national) and Trevor proposed something that no other broker even mentioned: get a mortgage with LPMI (which means a slighter higher interest rate) but then purchase a point, which would bring the interest rate down to what a normal fixed-rate mortgage (without PMI) would be. By purchasing that one point at closing, we do not have to pay any PMI! And if you run the numbers, purchasing that point was way cheaper than paying monthly PMI. Even better: my wife, who is an accountant, tells me that money that we spent purchasing that point is deductible on our federal taxes! B. Other brokers were stumped This sounds slightly complicated but Trevor can walk you through this and it will save you tons over the life of the loan! I mentioned this to the local brokers and they had no idea or way of doing this. The other internet lenders said that this could not be done. C. The closing After we locked in the rate, Trevor was prompt and answered every question that we had within hours. Judy, his assistant, was great, too and coordinated the closing. The closing went as planned. D. I sue people and I trust Trevor I sue businesses and people for a living (I am a trial lawyer) and I am generally suspicious of those in the financial industry. Every single thing that Trevor said turned out to be true in the 70+ pages of closing documents. The reviews on Trevor bear that out. I totally trust Trevor at eRates.